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July 11, 2018 2 Comments

Shop Update: Weds. 7/11/18 at 8:00pm

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Bag only sets on sale in Donna's shop:

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Maytham Shawl by Helen Stewart

Le Moelleux Shawl by Mina Phillip:

"Comfort Fade Cardi" By Andrea Mowry

"Farmor" by Skeindeer Knits

Knit Style Ravelry Group:


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July 13, 2018

Of course the parrot should be called Martini!

Barbara Fuller
Barbara Fuller

July 12, 2018

Hey there. Greetings from sunny and hot Memphis. Love your show and Rich’s crazy puppets. At the end of the podcast you always have XOXO as part of your sign off. Why not name the parrot XOXO and pronounce it ZoZo. Rich could practice that easily. Love you guys keep the fun and pretty yarn comming. Also ordered two of the pins my daughter and I have been waiting for them. Yarn martinis perfect!!!

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